Our culture

Our culture here at Kino is really important to us. We work hard, but we like to make sure that we have fun too. Visits to exhibitions, the rise of our dodgeball team and all sorts of other weird and wonderful things that excite, inspire and help make us who we are. Here’s where you can see what we’ve been up to.

  • Tour de Londres
    July 2014

    Today a few of us walked down to the river to watch the Tour de France whiz through London. It was rainy and it was crowded but it was brilliant!

    So many people had come to see the tour and there was an amazing atmosphere. Unfortunately, they cycled past so quickly, our only photos are of the empty road! This bag was standing still so was easily our most successful shot of the afternoon.

  • Ready, steady, play
    June 2014

    This week we joined our friends at Animade for the launch of their new game Ready Steady Play. It was a great night, with lots of beer and cowboy themed snacks. We’re addicted to Hobby Hurdles and really must try harder at Coin Shooter!

    To help promote the game, they created this lovely animation where the cowboy embarks on an epic life journey to seek his calling. Check it out at

  • Healthy competition
    May 2014

    Today marks the start of the Global Corporate Challenge. It’s a 12-month programme designed to get people moving and incorporate healthy living and exercise into their daily routines.

    Kino have three teams of seven and will join over 57,000 teams from 1,500 of the world’s largest employers. Armed with our pedometers we’re all aiming to get as many steps as possible into our day-to-day and get fitter and healthier. Here goes...!

  • What’s the Point of It?
    March 2014

    Last night Kino went to the Hayward Gallery to see the Martin Creed exhibition, What’s the Point of It?. From some controversial video installations to a screwed-up sheet of paper, and some beautiful illustrations in-between, there was something to get everyone talking.

    Our favourite piece – a room full of big white balloons. It put a massive smile on everyone’s faces and was worth the entrance fee alone!

  • Shhhhh...
    March 2014

    It’s not often you leave work and see people in top hats, sequin dresses and their finest (fake) furs. But that’s exactly what’s been happening to us over the past few weeks.

    Those clever people at Secret Cinema have transformed the Farmiloe & Sons building next door into the Grand Budapest Hotel. The building looks just as amazing as the people who are queueing up to get inside. We’ll be first in line next time!

  • Time for tea
    March 2014

    This week, to help raise some much needed cash for Sports Relief, we had a bake-off. All cash will go towards a number of really great causes, both nationwide and abroad.

  • Kino at the movies
    February 2014

    Kino’s most recent cultural outing was to the BFI to watch the 1957 French film Lift to the Scaffold.

    The feature film debut of director Louis Malle has a score written by Miles Davis. It stars Jeanne Moreau and Maurice Ronet as criminal lovers whose perfect crime begins to unravel when Ronet is trapped in an elevator. Lift to the Scaffold is quirky, visually stunning and full of suspense.

  • Dodge n dive
    January 2014

    Tonight marks the start of dodgeball season and our first EVER game.

    Have any of us played before? Just one.

    Are they a national dodgeball champion? Yes. Phew.

    Wish us luck!