• Aic_penny
    In for a penny! December 2018

    We’ve been working with the Association of Investment Companies on their latest campaign to create awareness around saving for children’s future.

    We helped them develop the idea of a piggy bank mailer. Once parents have registered for a piggy bank on the AIC’s website they have the opportunity to win £1000 to invest for their children.

    The piggy banks are then sent out to their children, along with a set of stickers to decorate the pig, chocolate coins and educational information for parents. Find out more here.

  • Kd-web-news-12
    Big shoes to fill. July 2018

    We’ve spent the last few weeks working on a new internal campaign for the James Hay Partnership.

    Following the work we produced last year they asked us to continue the concept of ‘Putting yourself (their staff) in their investors shoes’. We produced a series of 4 posters and floor mats highlighting the needs of vulnerable investors.

  • Kd-web-news-14
    Helping investment companies celebrate 150 years. June 2018

    For 150 years, investment companies have adapted to the world around them with one simple vision: to help investors meet their financial needs.

    To celebrate this anniversary we were asked by the Association of Investment Companies to create a logo that
    could work alongside their own identity, as well as help promote their involvement in and endorsement of this remarkable celebration.

  • Kd-web-news-8
    Change for the better? March 2018

    The theme for the AIC’s UK conference 2018 was Change for the better? With the ever changing financial landscape, we wanted a graphic that would convey all the ups and downs that investors can face. The graphic was applied to a range of items from conference badges, programmes, signage, stage graphics and an app.

  • Think_big
    Think big! February 2018

    When Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life Investments merged they became the largest active manager in the UK and second largest in Europe.

    Offering ‘truly global asset management’, we created a typographic and message driven campaign providing audiences with headlines highlighting the benefits of their joint offer.

  • Aberdeen_bus_butterfly
    Truly different. July 2017

    Aberdeen Asset Management have always liked to stand out in a crowded market place and the latest multi-asset campaign we created for their Asian market helps them do just that.

    With a range of funds that are ‘truly diverse and genuinely different’ we created a campaign featuring a multitude of butterflies. The creative was showcased across transport throughout Singapore and was met with great feedback!

  • Kd-web-news-13
    Smart(er) thinking. July 2017

    SMARTER Beta™ from Aberdeen Asset Management combines the benefits of active and passive management in a new ‘third approach’ to investing. Smart beta techniques aim to achieve returns above that of the market, or risk levels below that of the market. Aberdeen retain the numerous benefits of conventional indexing such as simplicity, objectivity, transparency and relatively low costs, achieving both higher returns and lower risk.

    It’s like Smart Beta, but Smarter!

  • Capability_gloves
    Hands on financial management. July 2017

    Aberdeen Asset Management love getting to grips with how different companies operate. Meeting companies face-to-face means fund managers ensure any company they invest in aspires to best practice in every aspect of its activities. With that in mind we created a concept for their latest equities campaign that showcases how Aberdeen fund managers always insist on first hand research and are happy to walk the shop floor when looking for companies to invest in.

  • Kd-web-news-1
    Some home truths! June 2017

    In addition to the other books in the series we were asked by Aberdeen to create a new piece for ‘Home truths of property investing’. Celebrating 30 years in property markets, the booklet gives advice to investors through a number of ‘home truths’. It teaches that by investing in property markets all over the world, you can learn the importance of informed, independent thought and that doing the research and acquiring the knowledge sometimes allows you to go against conventional wisdom!

  • Untitled-36
    Partnering performance. June 2017

    Aberdeen Asset Management are the Official Performance Partner of Landrover BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing) – a commercial sporting team with a number of individual private investors alongside corporate partners. The team is made up of some of the best British and international sailors, designers, builders and racing support.
    We’ve been helping Aberdeen to create a number of pieces of sponsorship material and key collateral.

  • Untitled-35
    Something to smile about! June 2017

    The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) have recently announced this year’s winners of the Shareholder Communication Awards. The awards recognise those member investment companies and their managers that stand out by using effective communication methods to keep shareholders informed. We’re delighted that our animations for Aberdeen Asset Management won ‘Best Social Media Strategy’. The panel noted our use of social media to distribute our innovative thought leadership content as best in class. The animations are available to watch online here.

  • Untitled-37
    Making multi-asset investing work harder. March 2017

    Our most recent campaign for Aberdeen Asset Management highlights how they take the highly competitive world of multi asset investing to the next level. With multi-market expertise, multiple sources of investment expertise and a multi-year track record, we chose to emphasise the funds’ strengths in a confident typographic campaign, by simply stating that Aberdeen are not just multi asset investing they are multi, multi asset investing!

  • Untitled-38
    Spot the logo! February 2017

    We’ve been lucky enough to spot our work in all sorts of unexpected places. Most recently one of our clients spotted Keanu Reeves in the press arriving at Zurich airport with an Aberdeen Asset Management branded trolley! You also might have seen our work in Dr Who featuring a London 2012 bid logo, a Visa pulse POS on Coronation Street, and we’ve even spotted Rod Stewart in front of a CitySprint van! If you see any of our work out there let us know!

  • Untitled-33
    Fables from Sir Michael Gambon. February 2017

    This month sees Aberdeen Asset Management release the latest in a series of fun and informative short animations, produced by Kino, called ‘The Fables of Fixed Income’.

    This time we recruited Sir Michael Gambon to lend his instantly recognisable voice to a series of six fables, sharing a little wisdom about the potential pitfalls of bond investing. Once again we’d like to thank John Devolle and Animade for bringing their artistic talents to this project!

    Watch all six fables here on YouTube.

  • Untitled-32
    Become the best version of yourself. November 2016

    Kino are proud to announce that we’ve been working closely with Become, the charity for children in care and young care leavers. Our rebrand for the charity, formerly known as The Who Cares? Trust, uses powerful messaging at the heart of it’s confident, positive and straightforward positioning.

    Kino hosted the launch party – an inspiring event, with a thought-provoking presentation from young people looking at how to dispel stereotypes and challenge stigma, and an encouraging speech from Edward Timpson, Minister of State for Vulnerable Children and Families. Many thanks to Illya Latifi for supplying us with his photos from the event.