Helping to deliver the most successful Olympic and Paralympic Games ever.

London 2012

Communicating details for over 1,000 events, covering 60 different Olympic and Paralympic sports, to over 11 million spectators, required meticulous planning, design and implementation.

Engaging and informative spectator guides for each sport and venue were supplied with every ticket. The guides helped build the excitement in the run up to the Games and informed people where to go, how to get there and what to look out for. Clarity and accessibility of the information was crucial.

Record beating ticketing campaign

Inspiring and accessible marketing led the way in helping to create the most successful Olympic and Paralympic ticketing campaign in history.

Inspiring audiences

A communications programme invited and encouraged the public across the UK to participate in the lead-up to the greatest show on earth. Alongside showcasing the amazing sporting events taking place, the programme celebrated the many cultural activities inspired by the Games.